“xy graph of definitions called you” by M.G. Martin

you pronoun 1. the only pronoun bred between cloud & sky, of carbon & language, & obsessed.
are verb 1. how are you ever going to die when you are what we are trying to be but aren’t, yet.
a noun 1. a full womb. 2. a throb between sheets. 3. a grazing of ankles. 4. a lip melting on a hip.
palindrome noun 1. lying back to back, our eyes vacuum each other as if the walls are mirrors.
for preposition 1. this ring is for a pronoun called us, us is a house, we, the heart thatched roof.
I noun 1. i, the ninth letter in the alphabet, am nothing without you & yr torso of compassion. 

the definite article 1. i use the to mark the pronoun you, indicating the best, most important, etc.
morning noun 1. the time to think about being reincarnated as a small part of yr blinding d.n.a.
before adverb 1. standing before you, the kneecaps are jello pops, like i’ve never stood before.
my pronoun 1. my library of no books, only a bookshelf made of yr body, filled with all of you.
last adjective/verb 1. it is true, you are both the last, & like intertia, a form of forever inside me.
sun noun 1. melded by sweat, our parts stick together under the sun. & we make the other kind.
burn verb 1. you are fire. 2. you give off light 3. you are fuel 4. you are of the strongest heat.

More poetry at Used Furniture.


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