What It Means To Live In A Body: A Talk With Catherine Chung

Catherine Chung is the author of the novel Forgotten Country, which was published by Riverhead Books in March 2012. She is a Granta New Voice, and the assistant fiction editor of Guernica Magazine. She has taught creative writing at The University of Leipzig and Cornell University, and she currently lives in New York City. *** UFR: First off, how would […]

Making Music We Like: A Conversation With Big Harp

Chris and Stefanie formed Big Harp in December 2010, and released their debut album, White Hat, in 2011. They will release their sophomore album, Chain Letters, on January 22 via Saddle Creek. More at http://bigharp.com/. *** Prologue  Outside I can hear the palm rats scraping their way up the rough trunks of the Mexican Fans (Washingtonia robusta) in […]

Because I’m Not Truly Alone: A Conversation With Steve Himmer

In Steve Himmer’s debut novel The Bee-Loud Glade (Atticus Books), Finch, a down-and-out corporate blogger whose life is spiraling, receives an email from Mr. Crane, a billionaire in search of someone to employ as a decorative hermit on his enormous property. Finch accepts the job and what ensues is a rich, funny, “postmodern pastoral,” that […]

Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Duet: Tyehimba Jess and Jeanann Verlee

This is the latest in Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Duet. To go to the column page, please click here. Infernal by Tyehimba Jess There is a riot I fit into, a place I fled called the Motor City. It owns a story old and forsaken as the furnaces of Packard Plant, as creased as the palm […]

Review: So You Know It’s Me

The Reviewed: So You Know It’s Me by Brian Oliu The Reviewer: Judy Clement Wall *** Ten reasons why I loved Brian Oliu’s So You Know It’s Me:  1. I ordered it from Tiny Hardcore Press, and it’s so tiny, it fits in the pocket of my skinniest jeans. That’s not a requirement for a book, of course, but it is cool. 2. […]